Sensory Deprivation Instruction

Does the thought of a blindfolds turn you on?

If you removed sights and sounds, how do you think touch would feel?

Want to use hot wax, ice, scratching or even tickling in play?

Sensory deprivation can be as simple as using a blindfold or as complex as layering hoods, headphones and even full body encasement. With one or more of your senses removed you’ll find that your remaining senses are heightened and this creates the perfect opportunity to explore sensation play. This can include feathers, fur mitts, nipple stimulation, hot wax, ice, scratching or even tickling.

All classes are customizable, this class can covers:

  • Types of Sensation Play.
  • Using Blindfold, Hoods and Earplugs
  • Temperature Play & Hot Wax
  • Implements Rough vs. Smooth, Wartenberg Pinwheels, feathers
  • Psychology, power and Control of  Sensory Deprivation
  • Technique Learn how to provide a pleasurable experience when you’re new to blurring the lines between pleasure and pain.
  • Hands-On Practice For couples, there will be ample time to practice what you’ve learned on your partner.


Instruction Only

Maximum of 10 people

  • Instruction Only
    1 hour private instruction for up to four people.

    After four people each additional person is $50; maximum of 10 people.

Instruction + Rental Packages

Maximum of 4 people

  • Theory & Practice
    1 Hour Instruction with Sophia and 1 Hour of Dungeon Rental (one playroom) without Sophia
  • Education Vacation
    1 Hour Instruction with Sophia and 2 Hours of Dungeon Rental (one playroom) without Sophia
  • Instruction & Indulgence
    1 Hour of Instruction with Sophia and an Overnight Stay at Chicago Dungeon Rentals Logan Square (entire dungeon) without Sophia