Dominance 101

Dominance for Beginners

What is BDSM
Dominance Submission and your authentic self
Basic negotiation, safety and skill building


All classes are customizable, this class can covers:

  • Negotiating play with your partner.
  • Erotic Locations Find out the most erotic parts of the body for impact play.
  • Positions for giving and receiving impact, including accommodations for people with limited range of motion.
  • Implements With a wide variety of impact toys available at CDR you’ll have an opportunity to handle a variety of leather, silicone and wood paddles, crops, canes and floggers.
  • Psychology The “why” of impact play for tops and bottoms.
  • Technique Learn how to provide a pleasurable experience when you’re new to blurring the lines between pleasure and pain.
  • Marks on the Body  How to leave your mark or make it look like you were never there.
  • Hands-On Practice For couples, there will be ample time to practice what you’ve learned on your partner.


Instruction Only

Maximum of 10 people

  • Instruction Only
    1 hour private instruction for up to four people.

    After four people each additional person is $50; maximum of 10 people.

Instruction + Rental Packages

Maximum of 4 people

  • Theory & Practice
    1 Hour Instruction with Sophia and 1 Hour of Dungeon Rental (one playroom) without Sophia
  • Education Vacation
    1 Hour Instruction with Sophia and 2 Hours of Dungeon Rental (one playroom) without Sophia
  • Instruction & Indulgence
    1 Hour of Instruction with Sophia and an Overnight Stay at Chicago Dungeon Rentals Logan Square (entire dungeon) without Sophia